1.Do you test products on animals?

skinResearch is against animal testing.  The snake venom used in Wrinkle Killer® is purely synthetic.

2. Why is my pump not working?
  • We are very sorry to hear your bottles are not working. Our bottles use a ext generation pump that relies on airless technology. It should take between 4 or 5 pumps on the product to release the serum. Please do not unscrew the bottle.
  • If you look on the bottom of the bottle, there is a small hole. If you press into this with a thin object, this will help to release the pump.
  • If your bottles still are not working after this, please message us and we will be more than happy to arrange for replacements to be sent out.
  • Please accept our apologies, and we will investigate this further with our manufacturers to ensure our products remain of the highest standard.
3. Am I too young for anti-aging products?

If you want youthful, healthy, beautiful-looking skin, the secret is to act now rather than later. Exfoliating one to two times a week will help to prevent excess oil production in younger skin which can sometimes cause blemishes.