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 “Reviewers Club” 
Terms and Conditions
F&J USA LLC / Skin Research Ltd

  • Conditions

  • Before applying a new cosmetic or beauty product, please read the label. This product is for persons over the age of 18 only. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only. If swallowed, seek medical advice.  If the cream/ serum or product comes into contact with your eyes - rinse with water immediately and seek medical advice.. Discontinue use if redness occurs. We recommend carrying out a patch test before application. No wording on the packaging should be regarded as a claim. This is a cosmetics product.  Make sure that the ingredient list does not contain anything you have sensitivities or allergies too. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor or physician/ doctor or qualified medical advisor. 

    When trying a new skin cream/ serum or beauty product it is very important to try a small amount first after you have read the label. This is what we call a patch test. Patch testing involves applying a small amount of a substance or product to the skin and leaving it on to see if a reaction develops. This could be on the back of your hand.

    For further details please see https://www.aad.org/public/everyday-care/skin-care-secrets/prevent-skin-problems/test-skin-care-products

  • Warning! Health conditions 

  • We are unable to offer you the opportunity to test our skincare products if you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions. By clicking yes on this form, you are notifying us that you do not have any preexisting medical conditions.

    If you do have a pre existing medical condition and wish to still be considered, please ask your doctor or physician to write to us stating that you can be considered as a product tester.

  • Feedback 

  • We are only asking for genuine feedback and leaving positive or negative reviews will not affect our offering you further products. Failing to leave a review or constructive review might. If you have had a negative experience with a product, this may also influence our decision to offer you further products.

  • Scheme Longevity 

  • Entry to be a review is free and is at the discretion of the company. The company may reduce, close or cancel the scheme at end time at their discretion. No compensation can be claimed when or if the scheme is closed or your enrolment is canceled or ended or advice not sought. 

  • Costs 

  • You will always be asked to pay postage and packing for products you try and a small charge to cover costs of £5. Certain reviewers will be offered a refund on costs if they leave video reviews of standard the company deems commercially broadcast-able.

  • Your review

  • How long do you have to leave a review: You are  required to leave feedback within 30 days of receiving the product, failure to do so will remove you from the “Reviewers Club” and any potential discounts in the future, or re-admission to the “Reviewers Club”.