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Article: Collageneer



What is Collageneer?

Anyone who is into beauty products has heard of Collagen, a natural protein that occurs abundantly in the body. It gives the skin strength, elasticity and a youthful plump appearance. So, what is Collageneer?

Collageneer can be thought of as a ‘relative’ to Collagen, but one that is man-made in a laboratory. People who dislike synthetic man-made products may opt out here, but don’t! Collageneer is derived from 100% natural products and aids the production of Collagen in your body.

The science behind Collageneer?

Since this is a fairly complex scientific process, here is a simple explanation to give you the basics.

Collageneer is made from Lupeol, a component found naturally in Lupin seeds. Collageneer® is a registered trademark of Laboratoires Expanscience, the sole manufacturer, based in France.

Lupin has been known to man for thousands of years as a source of protein. Laboratoires Expanscience cultivates Lupin ethically and sustainably and extracts the Lupeol from the seed coatings. The Lupin plants are not genetically modified in any way, and the derived product does not contain any preservatives. Once extracted, the Lupeol is combined with oleic sunflower oil, dried, refined and deodorised. The final product is called Collageneer.

What does it do for the skin??

Collageneer stimulates the production of high-quality type I Collagen, the predominant Collagen in the dermis of the skin. Type I Collagen starts decreasing year-on-year after the age of 20. This decrease causes the skin to start sagging, develop fine lines and wrinkles and generally look unhealthy.

By using products that contain Collageneer, your body is stimulated to produce Type I Collagen keeping your skin looking youthful.

Let’s look more closely at some of the benefits of Collageneer:

Increases skin firmness and elasticity

Sagging skin is an unfortunate result of ageing. Skin loses elasticity and firmness and forms unsightly bags under the eyes, the cheeks and the chin. Collageneer helps reduce elastic deformation and aids the skin to recover significantly. You will see a marked improvement in sagging skin within 90 days of treatment.

Improves skin texture

Dry, ageing skin looks listless and dull. The texture can feel rough, scaly or flaky. Collageneer will smooth the texture of the skin, helping it to become soft, supple and healthy-looking.

Remodels the facial profile

Skin remodeling tightens skin tissues, contours the jawline and reverses signs of ageing. Collageneer helps remodel your facial profile by improving elasticity, plumping up the skin, and filling wrinkles and fine lines. Your facial contours will look redefined, giving you a more youthful appearance.


Wrinkles and fine lines are another sign of ageing and can make you look and feel years older than you actually are. Products that contain Collageneer work to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the natural Collagen content in your skin. By plumping up the dermis, fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly reduced or may disappear completely.

Can Collageneer be used by everyone?

Our range of products falls into two main categories younger

  • Age Defy Products for the older person who is already showing signs of ageing
  • Youth Series Products for the person who wants to embark on a proactive skincare regime from a younger age

Our Pro-5 Collagen Age Defy Serum is perfect for the older person. Providing nourishment throughout the day and night, to plump, hydrate and renew your skin. We have added Marine Amino Acids for suppleness and bounce. Most importantly, for city-dwellers, the product contains an Anti-pollution Complex that protects skin against the ravages of polluted air.

For the younger person, we offer Youth Series Collagen Facial Serum, designed to target the first signs of ageing. It actively boosts elasticity, improving skin tone while maximising nourishment and repair. For sensitive skin around the eyes, we have a unique formula, Youth Series Collagen Eye Serum. The skin around your eyes lacks essential oil glands and is much thinner than other facial skin. This unique formula boosts your natural collagen production to prevent black rings, bags and tired-looking skin under the eyes.

When should you start to use Collageneer?

Most women in their 20s have enough natural collagen to keep their skin looking bright, blemish-free and smooth. After 30, your collagen production levels will benefit from the boost that it gets when you use products that contain Collageneer.

Who shouldn’t use Collageneer?

If you have a chronic skin condition, please consult your dermatologist for advice.


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