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Article: 3 Beauty Rituals To Do With Friends

3 Beauty Rituals To Do With Friends
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3 Beauty Rituals To Do With Friends

Everything’s better when you do it with friends, and your beauty routine is no different. Time to have fun! After a long workday or on a weekend afternoon, call your pals, grab a glass of wine and enjoy a beauty treatment.

Here are 3 beauty rituals to have extra fun – and good skin - with your friends:

    #1: Multi-Masking

As you chat about your current gossip or watching your favourite Netflix Series, take the time to relax and feel stress melt away. In addition to the skincare benefits, masks also have a rather significant impact on mental well-being.

Our Rose Illuminating Glow Peel-Off Mask is a skin rejuvenating face mask treatment to help exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal a youthful and smoother complexion. Skin is glowing, illuminated and refreshed.

    #2: Getting Ready For A Party

Party prepping is an event itself!  Give each other manicures. Try out new hairstyles, your latest make-up discovery. Then drink homemade mimosas and enjoy your evening.

    #3: Relaxing

We all deserve a spot of pampering. Make a DIY spa night at home a monthly ritual to soothe, smooth and improve body, mind and soul. At Skin Chemists, we offer the best oils and massagers to make your experience the most enjoyable.

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