A dramatic fusion of youth and confidence

It has been a month since we launched our latest instant facelift product – ADVANCED 10-Minute Facelift. With this new product we wanted to remind you about our great instant range for instant beauty results!


ADVANCED 10-MINUTE FACELIFT is our newest and the most advanced facelift product. It truly aims to turn the clock back and transform ageing skin into youthful and supremely radiant skin in just 10 minutes… Fabulous, isn’t it? Many women around the world say it’s a product that smooths, lifts and sculpts the face like no other.

Why should you use it?

An advanced formula lifts and tightens, ironing out fine lines and wrinkles. Deeply moistens and nourishes mature, dry & sensitive skin. Even the most tired skin is replenished and recharged proving a fresh and full complexion. All these benefits in just 10 minutes… it has to be tried to be believed!


Have you heard about cosmetic surgery results without the pain and expense to look good? At skinChemists it is possible! We developed a breakthrough treatment to achieve amazing results in a few minutes. It is INSTANT FACELIFT EXTREME! If you've ever used Instant Facelift, you know that fine lines are immediately smoothed and texture is evened.

What is so special about INSTANT FACELIFT EXTREME?

  • Added peptides dramatically increases wrinkle-ironing results.
  • Higher concentration of active ingredient (magnesium aluminium silicate) for faster results.
  • Includes botanical stem cell extracts to provide long term protection against the signs of ageing, including Cucumber Extract, Acai Fruit Extract and Argireline

A powerhouse product, isn't it? Its name speaks for the results – you would look up to 10 years younger in just minutes.


Some studies in Sweden found that sleep-deprived people were perceived as less attractive or in other words…. sadder (!!!) than the same who are well rested. That’s shocking, right? Clearly, if we cannot get more shut-eye time, we need some magic to help us to get fake “awake.” Here is the secret from skinChemists to rescue you - INSTANT EYE LIFT!

INSTANT EYE LIFT contains potent skin transforming ingredients that suck in sagginess, smooth down wrinklyness, brighten up dullness instantly and generally make you look like a newer, brighter version of yourself in minutes. Now you can outwit the Swedish data!

Visit www.skinchemists.com and get your instant beauty treatment today! Starting only for £34.99! Free worldwide delivery for orders over £50