Are serums included in your skincare routine?

We are back again talking about serums - But why? Because serums are an important and vital part of your skincare routine :)

Serums are water-based liquids that are made up of smaller molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin and of course deliver a high concentration of active ingredients.

But with so many serums - which one is right for me? If you have dry skin look for anything with Vitamin E as this contains great antioxidants, or Hyaluronic Acid as this is great at retaining moisture. If you have more of an oily skin type, find serums with ingredients like Vitamin C which increases collagen production and reduces inflammation, or Retinol which contains great antioxidants. If your skin looks dull and needs radiance look for a serum with green tea, as the antioxidants combat free radicals and promote cell renewal at night.

I'm currently using Advanced Youth Restoring Serum which is making my skin feel hydrated and also helping with my anti-ageing concerns - have you tried any of our skinChemists serums yet?