BB, CC | Now, the DD Cream!

When the BB Cream appeared, many thought it to be quite the miraculous potion - Blemish Balms, in their original Far-Eastern incarnations, were infused with the type of skin care benefits that those of the Far-East demand in their products: High SPF, moisturisation properties, anti-blemish properties, and so on. So when they hit our shores, we were all - as supposed skincare aficionados - more than eager to get our hands on the lotions and potions stamped with BB. And then we realised that the versions on our shores were not up to the standard of the originals, and the love affair ended. But, as we blinked, CC creams appeared - Colour Correcting Creams. And these, thankfully were slightly better - better coverage, better skincare benefits, generally better SPFs, and many of us started to use them as weekend bases, and good-skin-day bases. But here is where we start to really see skincare benefits - with the DD Cream.

Daily Defense.

And this is where it really starts to get interesting. skinChemists Daily Defense Cream is packed to the brim with skin-loving ingredients, and really works to keep pollution and ageing as far at bay as possible. Helping to moisturise the skin with a tint, it leaves a healthy glow, aided by the anti-oxidant content. First of all we have the wonderful (Swiss Technology Award-Winning) ingredient that is Syn-ake, found in our hero product - the Wrinkle Killer Serum. Just like it does inside the Serum, the Syn-ake aims to relax the contractions, helping in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, and the improvement of those that have already been created. Formulated with SPF 20, the DD Cream takes care of your everyday SPF needs, and makes sure that even in the cold light of winter, you are fully protected from both the UVA and UVB rays that you don't even realise are there! Also included, for your protection, is an ingredient known as Lanacityn - an anti-pollution compound, that helps with skin improvement and radiance, which paired with Tegocosmo (skin-brightening, pH-regulating) aids in an overall even complexion. Additionally, the DD creams, along with their tint, blurs fine lines, whilst mattifying the skin to a demi-matte finish, which leaves you looking bright and healthy without a hint of shine.

The DD Cream can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge, depending on the look and coverage you want, and the amount of time you have. Using fingers gives the sheerest coverage, but allows the product to be massaged seamlessly into the skin. A brush or sponge can allow the product to be built up to a medium but flawless coverage, brightening and even-ing out the skin tone.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about our DD Cream - to win the DD Cream plus our Studio Finish Primer, leave a comment!

Much love, Team sC x