It’s come around again- those times that I take a product in our range, I learn all about it, I test it, and I tell you lot all about it in a (rambling) instalment of this blog right here. It’s review time, everyone, and the next product to follow Wrinkle Killer and Bee Venom? Instant Eye Lift, of course.

C’mon, we’ve all seen the before and afters- those unbelievable transformations of ladies faces- pre-IFL saggy, grey, little slept and world-weary, post-IEL radiant, young, and beaming with smooth, glowy skin that’s always been looked after (it’s probably Gwyneth). While these shots aren’t quite the difference between Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow they are striking, and it’s my mission today to tell you why the ladies in the after shots do have smoother, more radiant skin (with loads less wrinkles).

The IEL contains potent skin transforming ingredients that suck in sagginess, smooth down wrinklyness, brighten up dullness and generally make you look like a newer, brighter version of yourself. The tricky thing about Instant Eye Lift, though, it that its method of application is just as important as what’s in it. It’s not a slapdash product to whip out and glob on when running out the door- this is a product that will yield great results when used to its full potential (..oh grasshopper).

To get the most out of your IEL, you need to take time, and have patience (and do it like this)- on clean, dry skin, smooth a thin layer of IFL onto the under-eye area. Let it set for a few minutes before patting the remaining serum into the skin (being careful not to rub). You need to wait at least five minutes for the product to work its magic. Once the time has elapsed, apply concealer over the top, using a light hand and being careful not to agitate the IEL. The results are pretty astounding.

The IEL contains a fair whack a skin smoothing agent to tighten, and a powerful optical blurring agent to mattify, reflect light, and smooth over wrinkles. It’s a product that does what it says on the tin- if used right. Now, let’s get to the fun bit- the before and after shots that made our humble IFL famous! We’d love to see pics of you all before and after IEL- tweet us a pic that shows us why you love your Eye Lift so much!