Preparing Your Skin | For Winter

Every year winter seems to creep up on us - we know its coming, but still we never quite seem prepared, and a lot of the time your poor skin bears the brunt of this. Today we show you how to winter-proof your skin!

For the ultimate in cold-weather protection, our Caviar collection has it all: with one moisturiser for face and one for hands, both contain extracts of fish roe, caviar and seaweed to help regenerate and stimulate cell growth, fight the signs of ageing and protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

Additionally, a lovely step to add to your evening routine is the Wrinkle Killer Facial Oil. With vitamins B, C and E, our wonderful patented Syn-ake combined with pioneering stem cell technology, skin cell regeneration is stimulated to give you plumper, more nourished, protected skin.

Much Love, The sC Team