The Long Weekend Pamper Line-Up

Easter break is finally upon us! Here at skinChemists Head Office, we’ve been squirreling away at our desks, busily finishing up projects and finalising collaborations to ready ourselves for bank holiday, 4-day weekend FUN! This last week has wreaked absolute havoc on my skin, resulting in dryness, breakouts, redness…you name it, I’ve got it. My skin and hair are in need of some serious TLC to ring in the long weekend refreshed- so here I present to you my skinChemists-centric line-up for serious skin rescue…

Post cleansing, skin-rescue has to start with a thorough exfoliation. My choice? Rapid Facial, a serious badboy for skin resurfacing. Formulated with AHAs to melt away dead skin cells, clogged pores and grime, and removed with gentle circular motions that will gently scrub at the surface of the skin, this provides results like no other. Skin is smoothed and brightened, and clogged pores diminished- did someone say instant gratification?! Post exfoliation sesh, our Bee Venom Oil oil will help to repair damage in the skin while moisturising deeply. A good one for problematic skin that needs to up the moisture levels. Post cleansing, post exfoliation, post oil, Multivitamin Moisturiser is the last step in my long-weekend pamper evening. A lightweight lotion to really lock in the moisture of the oil while adding some brightness and contributing to healing the skin. And we’re done!

Skin cleansed, treated and luxuriating in the goodness of oils and vitamins, it’s over and out and time to switch on the Modern Family re-runs… Next up- post-Easter fixes for skin that’s seen wayyy too many Cadbury’s eggs ;)