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Article: To Bee or not to Bee...

To Bee or not to Bee...
Blog Post

To Bee or not to Bee...

Trends come and go and what’s hot one week suddenly disappears the next. When it was revealed that Kate Middleton was a fan of Bee Venom skincare back in 2013, it was thrust into the spotlight and there was a huge rush on Bee Venom products. However, this has been no “flash in the pan” trend.
Bee venom works by tricking the skin into thinking that it has been lightly stung. This aids the circulation of blood to the affected area and also aims to boost collagen production. This causes the skin to appear smoother and more toned and so aims to, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Does it really work?
I decided to road test the skinChemists Bee Venom Kit (eye serum, facial serum and duo moisturiser) for a week.

As someone who has a pretty much non-existent skincare routine, I was worried about the number of products and how much of my time would be spent applying them. However, I needn’t have worried.
The serums are lovely and light and disappeared into my skin almost instantly, which I was pleasantly surprised about.
The moisturiser is divine. It worked really well with my skin, it was absorbed quickly and it didn’t have that awful “after shine” that you get with some moisturisers. The whole routine only takes around 5 minutes, perfect for those of us on the go.
Did I notice a difference after a week?
Absolutely! My skin has a lovely health glow and I find that when I apply the products in the evening, the next morning my skin looks A-Mazing. It’s so bouncy and hydrated. I typically have dry and, sometimes, sensitive skin but the Bee Venom products have worked well for me. During the day, I have found that my makeup looks better and lasts much longer – I’ve even stopped using primer! I don’t need it, the serums and moisturiser provides a great base and makes applying make-up easier.
My absolute star product of the 3 is the Bee Venom Duo Moisturiser. The consistency is great and has kept my skin well hydrated over the last week. Even my other half likes it! He has notoriously stuck to one moisturiser for years and I suggested that he just “tried” this one to see…Now he is a convert. So much so that we’re now fighting over it…I have a feeling I will need to replace it sooner than expected!
Here are my top tips for using the Bee Venom Kit:
  • Trial the pumps on the Facial serum and Duo Moisturiser to get the right amount of product for you. I found that approx. 2 pumps of each gave my face enough coverage.
  • During the day, once the products have been applied leave 10 minutes “set” time before applying make-up so it’s not absorbed into the skin with the products.
With my skin so plump and bouncy after just one week, I can see why Bee Venom skincare has become and remained so popular. I will certainly continue to use Bee Venom skincare.
Why not treat your skin to the power of Bee Venom?…Seeing is Beelieving!


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