Bee Venom | Why We Love It!

The Rundown Series continues! We started off with a bang with Wrinkle Killer, covered all bases of our Eye Serums and got down in the nitty gritty of exfoliators. In the midst of all our fab new product launches (if you loved the Instant Eye Lift, just wait for next week- we can hardly wait to spill the beans!!)- and shameless new product plugs aside, we think It’s time now for another old favourite- The Bee Venom Range. What it does, Active Ingredients and Best For- all the info you need to be totally clued up the range. Pens at the ready- let’s go!

Bee Venom Facial Serum What it Does: Plumps, hydrates, heals. Active Ingredients: Bee Venom, Manuka Honey Best For: Dehydrated, dull skin. Anyone really!

A very hydrating, very plumping, brightening little gem to totally nourish from the inside out. Evens skin tone like nothing else. To be used by anybody- this serum is not strictly targeted at wrinkles.

Bee Venom Facial Oil What it does: Plumps, nourishes, hydrate Active Ingredients: Bee Venom, Alpine rose stem cells, Vitamin C, Almond Oil, Bassabue Oil, Vitamin B5 Best For: Tired skin, dehydrated skin This one has a lot going on. It’s almost a complete skincare routine in itself.

Bee Venom Duo Moisturiser What it does: Hydrates and brightens

Active Ingredients: Bee Venom, cocoa butter, shea butter, manuka honey, hyaluronic acid

Best For: Tired skin in need of soothing and brightening. (or, you know, anyone…;) Our much loved Bee Venom Moisturiser is a total little wonder for hydrating and soothing whilst clearing skin. It disinfects, smoothes, soothes…does it all! If you want to slap this on post shower and leave it at that, we won’t blame you ;)

Bee Venom Eye Serum What it does: Hydrates and brightens Active Ingredients: Bee Venom, hyaluronic acid

Best For: Tired, baggy eyes The most hydrating of our eye serums, this one is beautiful under makeup and really conquers dark eyebags and puffiness. A total winner!

Bee Venom Repair and Protect What it does: Targets blemishes and disinfects Active Ingredients: Bee Venom, allantoin

Best For: Blemished skin An ultra effective spot treatment (that I personally rely on). A treatment that keeps the ingredients list simple, and the ingredients extra effective.

This little cream disinfects, hydrates and diminishes blemishes overnight. Must have!

So, here we have a range aimed at hydrating, plumping and brightening, with a cheeky blemish treatment thrown in too. To be used by everybody, I’m gonna bet that there are a couple of products in the range that you’re really needing right now- let us know in a comment which product is topping your wishlist!