From one Wrinkle Killer addict to another...

We have absolutely waxed lyrical about Wrinkle Killer here on the skinChemists blog. We’ve harped on about its wrinkle freezing and line smoothing abilities, and told you all about the science that goes into our famous little pot- and, I’m afraid, I’m here to do it again. We just can’t stop talking about it! It’s our baby here at skinChemists HQ- we all love it, and with our ages ranging from 22 to well into the forties we all love it for different reasons.

We love it…to Hydrate: we know it’s all about the hydration here. There is little else that recalls youth if not hydrated, moisturised, glowing skin- in the words of one Derek Zoolander, ‘moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty’. Totally serious over here. If you take a look at our ingredients lists, you’ll notice that most of them contain a sizeable dose of hyaluronic acid which (boring science bit alert!) holds 1000x its weight in water. Blah, blah, it works. Skin happy. End of.

We love it…to stop wrinkles in their tracks: When you work in a beauty office, even the most open and embracing of different ideas of beauty (as we like to think of ourselves) , you are exposed to glossified and photoshopped images of youthful, dewy, wrinkle-free perfection. We wanna freeze our wrinkles before they have a chance to show rear their ugly heads- so, you can see why, in our bustling North London office, we have a team of 10 Wrinkle Killer addicts. This is one addiction we’re not willing to give up ;)

We love it…as a complete treatment for lazy nights: When a serum’s got some potent anti-wrinkle ingredients, and it’s got hydration, on those nights when you really can’t be faffed with the 45-step, 15 product skin care extravaganza, we reckon you can slap this one and hit the pillow. It’s easy, it’s effective- we love it!

With its multitude of uses and a huge fanbase (even if its just the 10 of us!), we all proudly declare ourselves Wrinkle Killer Addicts. From us in the office- BYE BYE WRINKLES!!