Instant Facelift- Improved?!

Today, I thought I would talk about one of our most loved, and recently updated products, Instant Facelift. Instant Facelift has been a major favourite with fans of skinChemists since it launched many moons ago- with good reason, too (c’mon, we’ve all seen the before and after shots, let’s not be shy here ;)- it’s a product that smooths, lifts and sculpts the face like no other.

Our original Instant Facelift contains skin tighteners derived from oat, marine and plant extracts, and optical blurrers to give a soft focus effect to the skin. If you’ve ever used IFL, you’ll know that fine lines are immediately smoothed and texture is evened. It’s a pretty perfect base for makeup- if we do say so ourselves.

Question: why do we need an Extreme version of a much loved classic?

Answer: We wanted to bring you a product with dramatic results.

We wanted to bring you a product to seriously tighten and smooth your skin, and visibly reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and sun damage in a few minutes. A powerhouse product. So, we ramped up the ingredients a few hundred notches in our original IFL- higher concentrations of oat extract, stronger and more effective marine and plant extracts, and blurrers to shroud your skin in candelight like Ingrid Bergman’s in Casablanca.
And it works.

To get the best out of your IFL Extreme, we recommend smoothing a thin, even layer over your skin. Next, wait a few minutes- your skin will visibly tighten, and the texture will refine. Our recommended waiting time before makeup is approximately 5 minutes (be patient, guys!). Smooth makeup over lifted skin (or leave as is for a lifted, natural look)- the results will be impressive.

We have a few more updated classics in the pipelines for release very soon. Keep tuned, guys 😉