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Brightening & Blemish Control Kit

Sale price€158,00 EUR
3% Tranexamic Acid Super Moisturizer
skinChemists' 3% Tranexamic Moisturizer Cream is designed to improve the appearance of dark spots and skins texture. Tranexamic is a power skincare aid in reducing the appearance of dark spots to give the skin a brighter more even texture and appearance.

Brightening Serum with Tranexamic Acid 2.5% & Niacinamide 4%
skinChemists Brightening Tranexamic Acid 2.5%, Niacinamide 4% is designed specifically for problematic skin prone to acne. The combination of two powerful ingredients aims to soothe and reduce blemishes. Tranexamic Acid helps to soothe the skin and assist with hyperpigmentation ensuring the skin is clearer with a more even tone. Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B-3, a solution for many of the most common skin issues, and acne.