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Purifying Anti-Oxidising Day Moisturiser 50ml

Sale price€59,90 EUR

Derma Treatments Purifying Anti-Oxidising Day Moisturiser
Size: 50ml
Key ingredients:
Coconut Oil -
For its great oil moisturising abilities.
Glycerin –
A great humectant, provides moisturising qualities to the skin.
Emollient –
Has conditioning and blend skin softening properties.

Product Description:
Our Derma Treatment Purifying Anti-Oxidising Day Moisturiser, contains a special blend of Coconut Oil which is supercharged in anti-oxidants and fatty acids while moisturising, revitalizing, and boosting collagen into your skin. In using these ingredients, we created a naturally soft skin cream that deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. It improves the skin's tone and texture. It will leave you with a natural radiance. We made your day moisturizer light and super easy to apply with none of that stickiness.

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